Fireplace Do's

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What things can I do to ensure fireplace safety?

Fireplace Do's

A fire in your fireplace can be beautiful, but it can also pose a hazard if you have young children running around. That's why it is essential that you have a hearth gate in place to keep your children from getting too close to the flames. Here are some other do's to help you enjoy the fire while keeping your kids safe:

ĚDo remove all fireplace tools, so your children won't be tempted to touch them.

ĚDo remove all of the wood, matches and newspapers, which can be hazards for children.

ĚDo remind children to stay a safe distance away from the hearth. Even with a gate in place, this is no place for youngsters to play.

ĚDo understand that a hearthgate is only one step in your fireplace safety regime.

ĚDo check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors regularly to be sure they are working.

ĚDo supervise youngsters at all times when a fire is lit.



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