Fold-Down Latches

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What is a fold-down latch?

Fold-Down Latches

If there are young children in your house, be sure to purchase cabinet latches to block off access to dangerous household substances and cleaning products. A cabinet latch discourages kids from being able to easily open your cabinet, while adults can still open it without much difficulty. But for grandparents or for people who only have children in their home part-time, an appealing cabinet door latch option is a fold-down style latch by Safety 1st that is very easy to disengage when you don't need it. Called the Ultra Secure Cabinet and Drawer Latches, these spring-latches are durable and easy to install and prevent children from opening cabinets when they are there, but then when the children leave, the safety latch can be folded down until the next time they return. This innovative idea provides safety without inconvenience.



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