Stairway Safety Gates

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What do I need to know about buying a stairway safety gate?

Stairway Safety Gates

If you plan to put a baby gate at the top of a stairway, it is essential that you select one that has been approved for this usage. Young children often lean on baby gates and try to climb on them. While this is dangerous anywhere, the top of stairs poses an even greater hazard, since if the gate gave way, your child could go tumbling down with it. Therefore, it is important to plan accordingly. Stairway gates must be firmly mounted or screwed into your wall or banister, so there is no chance that it can give way. It is important to note that pressure mounted gates, which are held by exerting pressure between two walls but are not physically attached, should never be used on the top or the bottom of stairs. For further stairway safety, consider a KidCo baby gate called Gateway that allows you to set the direction the gate swings. For even more protection, select a gate that comes with an alarm. This will alert you if the gate isn't closed all of the way or if your child tampers with it.



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