Electronic Monitor Alarm

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How can I monitor my baby at night?

Electronic Monitor Alarm

Do you worry about your newborn during the night? If so, and if your child is at risk for breathing problems, apnea or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, you may want to talk to your pediatrician about the feasibility of using an electronic monitor. This child safety alarm monitors your baby's breathing and alerts you by sounding an alarm if a problem arises. It is important, however, to know how to use this product correctly and to follow all directions. Also find out from your pediatrician what to do if the child alarm goes off. In addition, make sure that the monitor you select can be heard in your bedroom or has a remote alarm you can take with you. Finally, if the monitor doesn't have a battery back up, make sure it will alert you if the power goes out. By having this child alarm in place and by taking any other necessary precautions, when your baby sleeps, so can you with the security of knowing he or she will be safe.



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