Child Safety Caps

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What are child safety caps?

Child Safety Caps

While your bathroom may be small, it is packed with potential dangers for babies and young children. For instance, your prescription medications could cause serious illness -- or even death -- if they got into your youngster's hands. That's why a child safety cap is an important bathroom safety product that pharmacies can put on all of your prescription medications. These special plastic caps screw onto pill bottles and liquid medication bottles and make them more difficult to open than regular caps because you have to push down on the lid at the same time that you rotate it. Many young children don't have the strength or ability to coordinate this process, so even if they got hold of your prescriptions, they would likely not be able to open them. However, some determined youngsters have figured out the system, so don't rely on child-resistant caps alone when it comes to keeping your children safe. Always store all prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs and vitamins, hair and body products, cleaners and other poisonous substances in a locked cabinet in your bathroom or stow them away out of sight, on a top shelf in your bathroom closet. This is an easy, but important, way to ensure bathroom safety.



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