Bath Seat

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Are bath seats safe to use?

Bath Seat

To make bath time safe and enjoyable for your little one, try using a bath seat. This child safety product is an option for babies who are too big for their infant tub. In order to use a bath seat, your baby has to have enough control to sit up alone. The bath seat provides a secure way to keep your baby in the sitting position. However, while bath seats give your baby added support, keep in mind that they are no substitute for adult supervision. Therefore, always keep your baby within arm's reach and be on the lookout for tipping to ensure bathtub safety. Be sure to avoid older bath seat models that attach with suction cups and have larger leg holes, which could be hazardous for your baby. The newer models have more safety features, including a T-bar that goes between the baby's leg, and they attach with an arm that fits over the side of the tub (these don't work on sunken tubs, though). Always be sure that the clamp fits the thickness of your tub for safety. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's installation directions completely and test the product for safety yourself. Look for models that seem well made and have no sharp edges and look like the right size for your baby. You might also opt for a style that comes with bath toys attached, to entertain your child while bathing. Regularly check child safety product recall lists to make sure the model you select has not been recalled. Bath seats have been controversial since they do pose some risks, but when used correctly and carefully, they can be a step in your bathroom safety routine.



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