Potty Seat

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If your child is learning to toilet train, invest in a potty or toilet training seat. The many styles seats available entice young children to go to the bathroom on their own.

Potty Seat

If your little one is learning how to use the toilet, you might consider investing in a potty seat to make this process easier. These inexpensive bathroom safety products, which cost in the range of $25 or less, are proportioned for young children and can provide comfort and safety for them that could be missing on your adult-sized toilet. There are many stand-alone plastic potty models to choose from, and some come with extra features that are sure to entice your child. For instance, one popular potty design plays a recorded message when your child is successful, others make a flushing sound at the push of a button, and there is also a musical potty that is shaped like a throne. In addition, some potty seats featuring popular television characters. Most potty seats have a removable bowl that you can easily empty and clean. The most important thing to remember is that the potty must sit securely on the floor so it won't tip easily. For parents who prefer to have their child sit on the adult toilet right from the beginning, there are also toilet training seats you could use instead of a stand-alone potty. These seats are plastic or cushioned inserts that fit on the adult seat and keep your child from falling in. A folding training seat model is also great for taking with you when you travel to protect your child from germs. For any youngster who is learning to get out of diapers, a potty or training seat is an essential children's bathroom safety product, both at home and on the road.



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