Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers

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How effective are antibacterial hand sanitizers?

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers

Keep germs at bay with the help of an antibacterial hand sanitizer. This popular children's safety product provides an easy way to keep bacteria from spreading throughout your household. The cleaner, which works without water, strips away the skin's outer layer of oil to prevent bacteria there. This is a good way to keep your family well and should be included in your household bathroom safety strategy. But keep in mind that while sanitizing your hands this way on the go is convenient, when at home, doing this alone is just not enough. According to the latest guidelines by the Food and Drug Administration, hand sanitizers should not take the place of regularly using soap and water. Therefore, whenever possible, make sure that everyone in your family not only uses an antibacterial hand sanitizer but also washes his or her hands thoroughly as well. In this way, you will cover all of your bases and make your bathroom a cleaner, safer place.



5/26/2007 1:19:36 AM
Michelle said:

Just like any cleaner in your home this to is a poison that should be kept out the reach of children, all ages. With the many differnt scents, young children will be tamped to taste. Ask your self then what happens? what if you are not around? What if they ingest a lot because of the taste? what is a lot? Parents be smart! When I have use hand Sanitizer I immediately wash my sons hands. Our little ones skin absorbs things quickly. Keep in mind all hand sanitizers contain 2 forms of alcohol, ethly & Isoprophyl. Two items you would never leave unattended with having free access to. Again parent be smart!


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