Assessing Your Fireplace Safety Needs

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What do I need to know before I select a fireplace hearth guard or gate?

Assessing Your Fireplace Safety Needs

When it comes to buying a hearth gate or a hearth guard for your fireplace, it is important to begin by assessing your needs and the features of your fireplace first, before deciding on a model.

·Here are some things to consider:

·How is your hearth set up? Is it even with your floor or is it raised?

·Is your hearth made of brick or stone?

·Is there room for a baby to crawl beneath the hearth?

·How wide is the hearth?

·What are the overall dimensions?

·Is there anywhere you could attach a hearthgate?

·How old are your children?

·Are they often in the room where the fireplace is located?
Once you are armed with these facts, you can look at the range of products available and select the one that will best fit your situation.



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