Other Fireplace Safety Tips

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What else should I do to keep my fireplace safe?

Other Fireplace Safety Tips

When you light a fire in your fireplace, a large amount of air is needed to keep the fire going. Yet many houses today are tightly sealed with weather stripping on the doors, caulk on the windows and self-closing vents, so air is at a minimum. This causes a risk in two ways. First, there is the danger that your fireplace could create a reverse draft, which would redirect carbon monoxide fumes from your furnace or water heater into your living room. Second, the amount of oxygen that the fireplace uses could leave a deficit for you and your family. To counteract these two problems, there are some important fireplace safety tips you should follow on a regular basis:

·Always open a window when you light a fire.

·Consider installing an outside air vent.

·Make sure that exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom are off.

·If you have forced air heat, close the vents.
These important steps, in addition to using other fireplace safety products such as a hearth gate and hearth guards, will go a long way to keep your family safe and allow you to enjoy your fireplace.



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