Keeping Kids Safe On The Driveway

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What can I do to keep my kids safe when they play in the drive?

Keeping Kids Safe On The Driveway

It's a classic sight: kids playing basketball or riding bikes in the drive in front of the house. But in the middle of play kids don't always remember that the driveway leads to the road. A rolling ball or a spin down hill on the bike can spell disaster. An easy and inexpensive remedy to this problem is installing a safety net. These nets expand to cover drives as wide as 25 feet across, and fit securely into below-ground sleeves so they won't interfere with lawn-mowing. Safety nets are easy to remove, store and use again -- particularly helpful when the weather changes or just when the day's play is over!



9/10/2006 11:25:59 AM
Jodie said:

I think this product sounds great but my driveway is about 40 ft wide as are most of the 3 stall garage driveways in my area. I wish it was expandable.


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