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Are electric outlet covers convenient?

Electrical Outlet Hot Spot Solution

You can take an extra step in precaution by using a combination adapter and electric outlet cover. This combo unit is specifically designed to fit over outlets in regular use. It expands to accommodate up to two AC adapters. The adapter/plug cover unit is perfect for home office equipment, telephones, baby monitors, and more. The dual-action release makes it easy for adults to access while remaining completely child-resistant.

How do I know what kind of outlet I have?

What Type of Electrical Outlets Do You Have?

If there is a baby or young child in your house, you will want to purchase some type of electrical outlet covers. But before you can select the style you want, you need to determine what type of outlets you have so that you can find one that will fit with your specifications. Most homes have either standard outlets or decorator outlets. Here is the difference:

·Standard outlets have only one screw in the middle of the outlet.

·Decorator outlets have two screws, one at the top and one at the bottom.
Once you know the type of outlet you have, the next step is to figure out what type safety outlet cover style you prefer and how many you will need. Then be sure to buy outlet covers that fit the style outlet you have.

How do I keep my baby safe around the Chistmas tree?

Christmas Tree Safety

The key to a safe Christmas tree is to begin with a sturdy foundation. Always use a well-built stand, and never place your tree on a table or shelving if there are young children in the house who could knock it over. It is also beneficial to place any ornaments that are breakable, or have small parts, up near the top of the tree where young ones cannot reach them. And remember, the best safety tip is to always supervise your children around Christmas trees.

Do I need a power strip cover?

Power Strip Covers

If you use a power strip to handle multiple plugs for television or computer equipment, you should take steps to keep your children away from this dangerous item, which may appeal to your curious youngsters. Use a power strip safety cover to block access to the plugs and to make it neat and also inaccessible. Like electrical outlet covers close off the outlets, the power strip cover goes over the entire strip area, including the on/off switch. It installs over the power strip easily, usually without tools, and is a simple way to take your safety routine to the next level.

Is there an alternative to using an electrical outlet cover?

Outlet Plugs: Safety in a Small Package

Fingers aren't the only things children can stick into electrical outlets. Sometimes small toys or household products they've picked will be inserted, doing just as much damage. In some cases, even more. One of the most economical steps you can take to prevent this danger is to use outlet plugs in every socket. Plugs for the electrical outlet cover the sockets individually with clear plastic. They can be removed easily by adult fingers when it's time to use the outlet. Always remember to replace each plug when the outlet is no longer in use.

What is a swiveling outlet cover?

Swivel Covers For Your Outlets

Another option to keep active electrical outlets safe from curious kids is to replace your switch plate with a safety outlet cover that swivels. Simply twist the individual cover over the socket and insert the plug. When you remove the plug, the cover swivels back to its original closed position. Your outlet is automatically protected. Each swivel outlet cover fits you're your standard switch plate and protects two outlets.

What else is important to outlet safety?

Outlet Safety

Safety is key when it comes to using electrical items. In addition to purchasing outlet safety outlet covers for all of your outlets, it is important to take steps to keep you and your family free from harm. Here are some things to make your outlets safer:

·Always check your outlet covers to be sure they are working properly and have not been tampered with by your children.

·Teach your children about the importance of safety and not touching electrical appliances.

·Avoid overloading outlets with too many plugs.

·Take special care at Christmas time to use separate plugs for your light-up decorations and your tree lights, to avoid causing a fire.

·Be on the lookout for fraying cords.

Are outlet plugs safe?

Outlet Plugs

Outlet plugs are a feasible option for outlets that are unused. You simply stick these plastic items to safety block access to the empty outlet. This prevents children from being able to touch the outlet or stick things in the holes. The plus to this safety outlet cover product is that it is easy to install, and can be used with both standard and designer style outlets. The drawback, though, is that many children figure out how to remove the plugs, so if you use this product instead of a regular electrical outlet cover, you need to be aware that this danger exists.

How can I protect kids from electric shocks?

Child Safety Shouldn't Be Shocking

Danger hot spots in your home can be found in nearly every room. Electrical outlets pose a very real danger to kids and their curious fingers. Because kids' fingers are so small, the can easily fit in the slots of an outlet and receive an electric shock. Use outlet covers in every wall socket in the house to keep the sockets safe from wandering fingers...and to put your mind at ease.

What are outlet plates?

Outlet Plates

Outlet plates are a good safety outlet cover to use for items that you plug in frequently. This special plate actually replaces your existing outlet cover. The way that outlet plates work is that they block off the open outlet with a little sliding door, which moves into place as soon as you remove the plug. This is a good choice for vacuums, curling irons and hair driers.

How do outlet covers work?

The Convenience of Outlet Covers

An easy way to protect your children from electric shocks is to use an outlet cover. These units have sliding covers over each socket. When the plug is removed, they automatically slide shut again. Some outlet covers even include an energy saving gasket to protect from drafts.

Where can I find safety outlets and are they much extra money:?

Invest in Safety

Child safety outlets are an inexpensive way to safeguard your house for your young children. For a small investment, you will get big savings in safety. For instance, a typical electrical outlet that is not child-proof averages about $1 to $3 each, while for $4 to $6, you can get a child tamper-resistant style that will prevent your children from being able to stick anything into the outlet and take the risk of getting electrocuted. To find an array of electrical outlet covers, check with local electrical supply stores, home improvement stores, hardware stores, discount houses and baby specialty stores. You can also shop online at websites that specialize in safety items and baby products.

What is a ground fault circuit interrupter?

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

Electrical safety starts from the inside out. Therefore, take the time to purchase a ground-fault circuit interrupter if you live in an older home that may not have these installed. This outlet cover safety works by stopping electricity from leaking out of your outlet cover. Either replace your existing outlets with new ground fault circuit interrupters to make your home safer, or use a plug-in or portable model. Ground-fault circuit interrupters are particularly important safety outlet covers to use in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry room.

Are safety outlet covers a good choice?

Safety Outlet Covers

Safety outlet covers are a protector that goes off your outlet to keep your children from being able to touch it. These outlet covers are available to fit both standard and designer style outlets, so check the packaging to be sure you are buying the right version for your needs. This option is a good choice for electrical items that you leave plugged in all of the time so you don't need regular access to the plugs. Consider this outlet cover for lamps, computers and television sets.

How do tamper-resistant outlets work?

Tamper-Resistant Outlets

If you worry that your young child may try to insert an object into your electrical outlet, look into getting a child tamper-resistant outlet to replace your existing outlet cover. This special tamper-resistant safety outlet cover looks like a regular outlet, but has a plastic barrier behind the face that stays closed when not in use. When a plug is inserted into the hole, the two prongs pushing on the holes cause the barrier to open. But if a child stuck a pencil or other item into just one hole, it would remain tightly closed.

Are there special safety tips I need to know for holiday decorations?

Plugging Into Holiday Safety

The holidays are a beautiful time of year, with lots of sparkling lights and decorations. But using all of the electrical items can also put you and your family at risk for some dangers. Here are some things to keep in mind, in addition to using safety outlet covers, before you plug in the next decoration:

·Closely examine all of your lights and electrical decorations for frayed wires, bare spots, breaks, missing bulbs or other signs of excessive wear that can signal a potential danger.

·Use only UL-approved lighting on your Christmas tree and your bushes.

·Take care not to overload your outlets with more than they can handle.

·Connect your holiday strings of lights to an extension cord before you plug them into the outlet for safety.

·Never leave your holiday lights on when you go to bed or leave your home.

·If you removed outlet plugs from your outlet covers in order to use your decorations, be sure to replace these safety features after the holiday is over.

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