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What else can I do to keep my doors secure?

Maintenance on Your Door Locks

Protecting your child from dangerous areas in and around the house does not stop with purchasing a door lock. Safety can only be maintained when those locks are routinely checked and serviced. Especially with prolonged use, door locks can loosen. Every month or so, check to see if screws need tightening. Every six months or so, consider replacing the units entirely.

What are some ways I can make my doors safe?

Door Safety Basics

Childproofing doors is a basic in child safety. Plenty of products on the market cater to keeping children from entering rooms where they could get into trouble. These products, made with simplicity in mind, are generally easy to install, with minimal tools required. Door jambs, locks, knob covers, and more are available to cover all your household needs. Many of these door safety items can be used outdoors as well, increasing the level of safety all around your home.

Are there safety standards for car door latches?

Car Door Latch Safety Goes Global

Soon, the whole world may have safer door latches on their vehicles. The United States and 21 other countries have gotten a head start. They have agreed to adopt a tougher standard for vehicle door latches. American officials hope this will be the beginning of global auto safety standards. The standard is scheduled to be signed in November of 2005 in Geneva. It is the first door latch safety standard to emerge from an agreement reached in 1998 at the United Nations. The goal of the agreement was to establish global standards instead of allowing variations by country.

Do all cars have child safety door lock systems?

Research Vehicles For Safety Door Locking Systems

The next time you consider buying, leasing, or even renting a car, take some time to review its safety components. Safety features like lighting, safety belts, air bags, safety steel rods and brakes, are certainly important. Look beyond those, however, when considering the safety of your family. Having achild safety door lock is so vital that many car models now have this automatic locking system as a standard feature. It's worth the extra step to make sure your child is safe from harm.

What is the proper way to install a door lock?

What to Look For in A Door Lock

Any door lock that keeps kids out of harm's way is a good one. But there are a few factors to keep in mind when purchasing the right door locks for your home. Install locks properly and tightly. Never take shortcuts or use assembly materials that were not provided with the locks. Be sure the door lock is sturdy enough not to break with continued use. A good lock will keep a child out of a room, but will allow an adult to open a door quickly in case of emergency.

Can you suggest a net that protects the balcony?

Safety on Balconies

There are many types of nets and guards on the market for protecting young children and babies on balconies. The most common and useful for outdoor balconies are the weatherproof netting types, and the clear plastic panel types. Both types can be found online, or in stores with large baby and children's safety sections. They are easy to install. Remember, these devices are not substitution for proper supervision.

Is there a lock that will keep our children safely locked in while allowing the mailman to open the screen door?

When Bigger Toddlers Can Defeat a Lock

Sometimes finding a lock that an older toddler cannot open is a tricky venture, especially with odd doors such as screen doors, or sliding glass doors. When you just cannot seem to find a lock that meets all your needs, moving the lock too high for the child to reach may be your only option. If moving the lock is not possible, adding another lock up higher may be. Remember when moving the lock, to still keep it low enough to easily be used by adults and older children.

How can I prevent my child's fingers from getting slammed in doors?

Door Guards Keep Fingers Safe

To prevent your child's fingers from getting crushed in doors, try a door separator. Simply slide the separator onto the side of a door. Make sure it fits snugly and is above your child's reach. When the door closes, the guards on the separator wedge against the door, keeping it from closing all the way. It's a little step to avoid a lot of pain!

What is a bar latch?

Try A Bar Latch For An Easy Door Locking System

One of the most simple door safety products on the market is a basic bar latch. Bar latches can be placed on most household doors, cabinet doors, and shutters. These are usually installed by screwing one end of the latch to one side of the door, and the other to the door frame or matching door. The bar flips across, securely locking the door in place.

Is there a safety fence/barrier for driveways that will keep kids from riding onto the street?

Temporary Driveway Barriers

There are many different barriers and temporary fences for driveways available. You can find most at any baby supply store, and all online. A quick search of what you are looking for on your favorite search engine will yield you many results, and you can shop around for a price you are comfortable with.

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