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Where can a child door alarm be used?

Door Alarms Protect Your Child in the Pool Area

You may think about purchasing and installing a child door alarm if you have a swimming pool gate. They install easily and most operate on one 9-volt battery. The door alarm has a delay switch, allowing adults to pass without the alarm sounding.

When a child opens the door, the alarm will go off in seven seconds. Even if the child should close the door after passing through it, the alarm will sound. As an additional measure of protection, if the door is left open, the alarm will sound.


Child Presence Sensor

A brand new type of child safety alarm, which is not yet available in stores, is a child presence sensor for cars. After the engine has been turned off for one minute, if the sensor indicates that the child remains in the carseat, the alarm will beep to remind parents. This is a good alert system for people who run to drop something off and leave their sleeping toddler in the car for a few minutes and lose track of time. It can also be a true lifesaver if you are in a hurry and you leave the car without remembering to take your child with you. This child alarm will work in all types of cars and should be out in stores sometime soon. It will sell for about $25.

Where can I find a child safety alarm for a young child?

Child Guard Transmitter

To help keep active young children close at hand when you are out in public, consider selecting a child alarm that is housed in a cute plastic animal case. One transmitter style hangs around the child's neck, while another straps on the wrist. This makes them easy to wear and fun for the child. Like other similar child locator alarms and child safety alarms, you can set it so that the alarm will go off if your child moves outside of your specified range. Better yet, if any other children in the vicinity have the same alarm, yours will reset so that your child's transmitter will work only with your receiver. Rely on this product inside or out, and always know where your child is, even if he or she tries to wander off in a crowded place.

How can I keep my child buckled in the car?

Seat Belt Alarm

Does your toddler or young child unbuckle the car seat belt while you are driving? If so, a seat belt child safety alarm is an essential device. This simple product is made of plastic and snaps onto any seat belt to alert you to when the restraint is buckled or unbuckled. It works with a 12 volt battery and can be installed securely in second with an adhesive backing. Best of all, this child alarm is childproofed so it is not easy for a youngster to tamper with it. Once you have this child safety alarm installed in your car, you will be able to drive with the peace of mind of knowing your child is safe.

What is a child alarm?

Losing Your Child: An Alarming Thought

There is perhaps nothing as frightening as thinking your child is lost. Worries can be alleviated by using a child alarm. A transmitter is placed on your child, which will trigger your receiver to beep. This way you will know when your child has begun to wander away. Some child alarms can be adjustable to up to adjustable up to 200 feet or more. Your child's transmitter can be attached by buckle to his/her clothing. Most child alarms are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

How can I monitor my baby at night?

Electronic Monitor Alarm

Do you worry about your newborn during the night? If so, and if your child is at risk for breathing problems, apnea or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, you may want to talk to your pediatrician about the feasibility of using an electronic monitor. This child safety alarm monitors your baby's breathing and alerts you by sounding an alarm if a problem arises. It is important, however, to know how to use this product correctly and to follow all directions. Also find out from your pediatrician what to do if the child alarm goes off. In addition, make sure that the monitor you select can be heard in your bedroom or has a remote alarm you can take with you. Finally, if the monitor doesn't have a battery back up, make sure it will alert you if the power goes out. By having this child alarm in place and by taking any other necessary precautions, when your baby sleeps, so can you with the security of knowing he or she will be safe.

What is a child alarm system comprised of?

Locating Your Child with an Alarm

By using a locator alarm, you can keep your child close...even when s/he isn't. A child locator alarm generally consists of a personal alarm for a child and a remote control for the parent or guardian. If the child becomes lost or frightened, s/he can activate the alarm. This alerts the parent as well as others nearby. If the child wanders out of sight, the parent can locate him/her using the remote control to activate the personal alarm on the child. Once the alarm is activated, it may only be deactivated by the parent's remote control.

What is the best way to keep kids safe from guns?

The Basics of Gun Safety at Home

Most gun shot accidents occur when a child comes across a gun in the house. The best way to practice gun safety is not to keep a gun at home. However, sometimes this is not possible. Perhaps you or your spouse is a hunter or works in a profession where a gun is required (park ranger, police officer, etc.).

The number one rule to keep kids away from guns at home is to keep them securely locked away. This could be in a gun case or even a closet, but be sure the child does not have access to the keys.

What is a bed wetting alarm?

Bed Wetting Alarm

For children who are at least 7 or 8 years or older who have frequent problems wetting the bed at night, you could try using a bed wetting alarm if nothing else works. This child safety alarm goes off automatically if any wetness hits the mattress. This will wake up your child and reminds him or her to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. Over time, this will teach your child to get up and use the toilet sooner. One such child alarm model, called the Potty Pager, vibrates silently to alert your child. Another option is the Sleep Dry alarm, which has a wetness sensor that sets off an audio signal.

What are the uses of a child safety alarm?

The Many Uses of Child Alarms

There are many different ways your child safety alarm can benefit you and your child.

* In day-to-day errands, such as shopping, you can easily locate your child at any time when s/he is wearing a transmitter.
* In playgrounds or outdoors, your child can alert you if s/he is injured.
* Any time your child is in danger, in fact, whether it is from hurting him-/herself to a threat from a stranger, you can be alerted by your child.
* Even you can use the alarms when you are away from home, in case you encounter a threatening situation!

Where else can I use a child alarm?

Using Alarms on Nursery Doors

For an added measure of reassurance, you can also use safety alarms on your baby's nursery door. Once your child is old enough to crawl or walk, these become less effective, as kids often get up in the middle of the night. They could set off the alarm, giving a false sense of danger. However, with infants, you can be reasonably sure that s/he is sleeping safely when the door alarm is activated. Should an intruder enter the room, the alarm would sound, waking up neighbors or, with some models, even automatically dialing the police.

What is a Vocal Smoke Alarm?

Vocal Smoke Alarm

The "Stop, Drop, and Roll" mantra just got an upgrade. If a fire broke out in your home, would your children know how to escape without panicking? A vocal alarm system can help eliminate wake the kids, and ge them to safety. The alarm allows you to record a personal message in your voice and to provide instructions on what to do in case of an emergency. When the alarm is activated, this recording is played to lead your family to safety, quickly and effectively. You can also direct the alarm's adjustable speakers right toward your child's bed. In addition, the alarm has a practice so you can have a fire drill with your family and see the message sounds like and figure out how everyone should respond in a fire.

What are cabinet alarms?

Cabinet Alarm

While child safety locks are enough to keep most young children out of your cabinets, there are always a few determined youngsters for whom this isn't enough. That's why some companies make cabinet child safety alarms that go off when anyone opens the lock. This provides another layer of sThe alarms are fairly inexpensive, retailing for around $10 for a two-pack of these locks and alarms.

What is a back-up sensor?

Back-Up Sensor

Does backing up your car while your kids are playing nearby make you nervous? Then try a back-up sensor to minimize the risks. The child safety alarm sounds if there is anything within a few feet behind you, and the closer you get to the object, the louder the alarm will be. A typical system, which is powered by your car's battery, consists of two parts: a sensor that attaches to your rear license plate and a digital display to mount on your dashboard to tell you how close the object is behind you. With a back-up sensor child alarm to guide you, driving will be a lot less stressful.

How do child safety alarms work?

How Child Safety Alarms Work

Child safety alarms are made up of two units: the Transmitter and the Receiver. The child wears the transmitter, while the parent holds onto the receiver. The transmitter emits a steady signal to the receiver. This signal may be operative anywhere from a several inches up to a couple hundred feet.

When activated, some alarms transmit a beep as loud as 130 db. Child safety alarms are best used for older, more active children who may get lost more easily. You should always keep an eye on your child, so generally speaking, babies and toddlers can't get very far if you've already been keeping watch over him/her!

What is a personal wireless alarm?

Personal Wireless Alarm

If you have a pool in your yard of live near a lake or pond, consider getting your child a personal wireless alarm that lets you know instantly if he or she gets immersed in water. This essential child safety alarm has two components. One is a base that you keep in your home. The second piece attaches to your child (some models strap on the wrist) and if this part gets wet, it sends a signal to the base and sounds a loud alarm to alert you immediately to the danger. The alarm will not be trigged by rain or a sprinkler. Also, unlike most pool alarms, which are attached to the pool and are triggered if someone enters the water, this alarm is attached to your child, so it will go off whether he or she gets into your pool or into a different body of water. You can also take this alarm system with you when you travel. Since seconds count if your child is drowning, this product can be a real lifesaver.

Where can I learn more about talking school buses?

Talking School Bus

Some of the dangers that school buses pose to kids can easily be eliminated with the help of new product called the Child Safety Alarm System. This child safety alarm, which enables buses to “talk,” can be used by school buses to alert children to the possible danger of a moving bus. There are three programmable messages that can be set to let children know to stay out of the way until the bus stops, to enter or exit safely and to stand back from a bus that is about to pull away from the curb. The messages are broadcast clearly and are available in several languages.

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