Personal Wireless Alarm

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What is a personal wireless alarm?

Personal Wireless Alarm

If you have a pool in your yard of live near a lake or pond, consider getting your child a personal wireless alarm that lets you know instantly if he or she gets immersed in water. This essential child safety alarm has two components. One is a base that you keep in your home. The second piece attaches to your child (some models strap on the wrist) and if this part gets wet, it sends a signal to the base and sounds a loud alarm to alert you immediately to the danger. The alarm will not be trigged by rain or a sprinkler. Also, unlike most pool alarms, which are attached to the pool and are triggered if someone enters the water, this alarm is attached to your child, so it will go off whether he or she gets into your pool or into a different body of water. You can also take this alarm system with you when you travel. Since seconds count if your child is drowning, this product can be a real lifesaver.



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