Child Safety Products Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a baby gate?

What sizes to baby gates come in?

What kinds of baby gates are there?

Won't baby-proofing my home ruin the décor?

Do I have to leave the baby gate up all the time?

Do all baby gates require hardware installation?

How do I install a baby gate?

Are there any risks when using a baby gate?

What can I do to use the baby gate properly?

Are all baby gates made of wood or metal?

What's an easy way to keep my child safe in the bathroom?

What should I do if the phone rings while I'm bathing my child?

What are some basic bathroom safety products?

What temperature should my home water heater be?

Are there bathroom safety products for adults caring for children?

What adult bathroom items are dangerous to kids?

What should I wash my baby in when s/he is too big for the sink?

What's the best way to protect my children from fireplace injuries?

Will all hearth gates fit my fireplace?

What else can I do to prevent fireplace injuries?

Are gas fireplaces safe?

What are some basic fireplace safety tips?

How can I protect my children from chemicals in the garage?

What is the best way to organize my garage?

What are some basics of driveway safety?

What can I do to keep my kids safe when they play in the drive?

How can I alert motorists that my kids are playing near the road?

What are some basics of garage safety?

What are some basics of kitchen safety?

How can I teach my kids kitchen safety?

How can I safely handle meat in the kitchen?

What are some fire prevention tips in the kitchen?

How can I prevent my child from getting injured in the kitchen?

How do I keep my cutting boards free of bacteria?

Is there a product that will prevent my child from getting burned on the stove?

How can I keep my child from opening the refrigerator?

What can I do to prevent my child from turning the stove on?

Is there a product that will keep my child's fingers from getting caught in drawers and cabinets?

What are pool fences made of?

What are some standard safety precautions for my pool area?

What height should a pool fence be?

What is a pool safety fence?

How can I take basic pool safety precautions to protect my kids?

Are all pool fences permanent?

What do I need to know about baby pool fences?

What is the most important rule of bathtub safety for my child?

How can I keep bathwater safe for my child?

What's a good first step toward child-proofing my bathroom?

How do I wash my child if s/he is too small for a regular-sized tub?

Can I protect my child from getting injured on the tub faucet?

What should I know about the safety of my baby's mattress?

What is a good resource for child safety?

What is the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission?

Are window blinds hazardous to my child?

Are there some basic home safety products and guidelines I can learn?

Are cedar chests dangerous to kids?

What are some household safety tips to keep my baby safe?

Where can I research child safety product statistics?

How do I know what child products have been recalled?

Where can I report an unsafe child product?

How can I protect kids from electric shocks?

How do outlet covers work?

Are electric outlet covers convenient?

Is there an alternative to using an electrical outlet cover?

What is a swiveling outlet cover?

What are some basic tips about traveling with kids?

Are there precautions to take when staying in hotels with my children?

How can I protect my kids when they ride their bikes on vacation?

What are some features of baby car seats?

How do I see my baby in the back seat when I am driving?

Can I protect my child from the sun in the car?

What can I do to keep my child's car seat secure?

How can I protect my children when we travel?

On a long trip, what are some good snacks to bring for kids?

What are some beach or water vacation safety tips?

What is a child alarm?

What is a child alarm system comprised of?

What are the uses of a child safety alarm?

Where can a child door alarm be used?

How do child safety alarms work?

Where else can I use a child alarm?

What is the best way to keep kids safe from guns?

What do I need to tell my children about gun safety?

What does a gun lock do?

Where can I store my guns so that my children will be safe?

What safety steps can I take before purchasing a gun?

How do I talk to my children about gun safety?

What are some ways I can make my doors safe?

Are there safety standards for car door latches?

What else can I do to keep my doors secure?

Do all cars have child safety door lock systems?

What is a bar latch?

How can I prevent my child's fingers from getting slammed in doors?

What is the proper way to install a door lock?

What are cabinet latches?

How should I install my cabinet latches?

Do I need to use hardware to install every cabinet latch?

What household items should be kept in latched or locked cabinets?

What are Gerber latches?

Where can I buy a 72" wooden expandable gate?

How do I keep my baby safe around the Chistmas tree?

What is the best way to baby proof a loft?

Can you suggest a net that protects the balcony?

Can you direct me to a Diaper changing table that meets ADA standards (Americans with Disabilities Act)?

Is there a safety fence/barrier for driveways that will keep kids from riding onto the street?

Is there a lock that will keep our children safely locked in while allowing the mailman to open the screen door?

How do I get mold off of a child`s lifejacket?

What should I know before I buy latches?

What design works best on framed cabinets?

What style works best on unframed cabinets?

What are tot-locks?

What is a fold-down latch?

How do side by side latches work?

Are there special lazy susan latches?

Do appliances need latches?

What other purpose can cabinet latches serve?

Can I designate a cabinet with things for my child to play?

How can I select a baby safety gate?

What are the advantages of a swinging baby gate?

What do I need to know about buying a stairway safety gate?

What are window safety gates?

Why would I need a travel safety gate?

What are gate extensions?

What is a freestanding play gate?

Will a fireplace gate fit around my hard-to-fit space?

Where can I find baby gates?

How much should I expect to spend on a gate?

What is a flotation swimsuit?

How does a gate alarm work?

How can I safely bring my infant into the pool with me?

How do motion detectors work near the pool?

What is an automatic pool cover?

Where can I find a child safety alarm for a young child?

How can I keep my child buckled in the car?

How can I monitor my baby at night?

What is a bed wetting alarm?

Where can I learn more about talking school buses?

What is a personal wireless alarm?

What are cabinet alarms?

What is a back-up sensor?

What is a Vocal Smoke Alarm?

How can I talk with other parents about gun safety in their house?

Where should I safely store my gun in my home?

Are toy guns dangerous?

What are Buy-Back programs?

What are lock boxes?

How do cable locks work?

Where can I find gun locks?

How can I find a free lock?

How can I make a difference?

How can I find out about gun policies?

What do schools do to prevent gun violence?

Why would I take my gun apart?

Are BB guns dangerous?

Are gun cleaning supplies dangerous?

What extra steps can keep my house safe?

Do I need wall anchors in the kitchen?

Do they make child-resistant caps for cleaning products?

Are tablecloths dangerous for babies?

What is a child-safe feeder?

If I have baking soda, do I still need a fire extinguisher?

What is a cord shortener?

Do I need a highchair for my baby?

How should I store silverware?

How can I safely use a garbage can?

How do stove guards work?

What type of emergency information should I leave by my phone?

What are anti-scalding devices?

What else can I do to keep my baby safe in the kitchen?

What are child safety caps?

Do I need a baby bathtub?

What do you use a splash guard for?

What is the benefit of installing a bathtub safety rail?

Do I need to use a bathtub thermometer for my baby?

What should I look for in a bath mat or no-skid rug?

Are bath seats safe to use?

What are step stools used for?

If your child is learning to toilet train, invest in a potty or toilet training seat. The many styles seats available entice young children to go to the bathroom on their own.

How much do doorknob covers cost:?

How effective are antibacterial hand sanitizers?

Why should I use baby shampoo?

Will window wedges work in my horizontal window frame?

How do toilet seat covers work?

What do I need to know before I select a fireplace hearth guard or gate?

What is the difference between a hearth gate and hearth guard?

How can I attach a hearth guard?

How can I be sure my smoke detectors are working?

Do I need a carbon monoxide detector?

How can I keep my home's decor but make it safe?

How can I keep my child's fingers from being pinched?

What things can I do to ensure fireplace safety?

What things should I avoid when using my fireplace?

What else should I do to keep my fireplace safe?

How do I know what kind of outlet I have?

Are safety outlet covers a good choice?

What are outlet plates?

Are outlet plugs safe?

How do tamper-resistant outlets work?

Do I need a power strip cover?

What else is important to outlet safety?

What is a ground fault circuit interrupter?

Where can I find safety outlets and are they much extra money:?

Are there special safety tips I need to know for holiday decorations?

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