Swinging Baby Gates

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What are the advantages of a swinging baby gate?

Swinging Baby Gates

Baby gates are great, but try stepping over them a few times and you will understand the convenience of opting for a swinging gate. This style allows easy access to the room yet still offers an important barrier to protect your child from entering or leaving without your help. Swinging gates come in a variety of models and have a wide range of mechanisms to open and close them. It makes sense to look around and determine what features are important to you. For instance, a popular Evenflo baby gate called the Metal Pressure/Swing Baby Safety Gate offers a pad for pushing the swinging door open and closed with your knee. This allows you to open the gate without having to put down your baby or other bundles. Other swinging baby safety gates work with a button right on the gate that you push for it to open. For older toddlers who might be able to figure out the mechanism before you want them to, you could consider a safety gate style that works with a remote. Just be sure to keep the remote out of their reach, and also be careful not to lose it!



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