Window Safety Gates

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What are window safety gates?

Window Safety Gates

Baby gates aren't just for doorways anymore. You can also purchase special styles today that are made to block off windows so you can reduce the risk of your child having a serious fall. These gates usually mount right onto the window frame so they are secure. Some attach inside, while others are installed on the outside. There are many different styles to match the look of your home, from plain wooden styles to fancy wrought iron designs. In addition, some gates cover the entire window, while others only cover the bottom portion. In addition, for irregular size windows, some security companies can custom make this important safety product for your specific dimensions. In addition to keeping your kids safe, an added benefit to using special baby safety gates on your windows is that this also will discourage anyone from breaking into your home. Just make sure any window safety gate you select will swing open or has a latch that can be detached by an adult in case of a fire.



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