Baby Tub

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Do I need a baby bathtub?

Baby Tub

Your bathtub may be just the right size for you, but for a baby, it could feel too large and overwhelming. It can also be hard to keep a small baby, who doesn't have full muscle control yet, from slipping in your tub. That's why many parents purchase infant or baby tubs, which are an important children's safety product. Some models can be used either right inside your bathtub, or as a stand-alone option. Other infant tubs can even rest right across the top of your top, so you don't have to stoop to bathe your baby. Infant bathtubs usually have a reclined seat that props your baby up to make it easy for you to clean him or her. Whatever tub you select, however, never leave your child unattended. This is a bathtub safety must.



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