Splash Guard

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What do you use a splash guard for?

Splash Guard

When it's bath time at your house, does most of the water usually end up out of the tub and on the floor? This means that by the end of the bath, your floor is a slippery mess and could be very dangerous. Bathroom falls are a serious concern, but a bathtub splash guard is a bathroom safety product that can make a real difference for you and your children. There are different versions of splash guards, but one practical model uses suction cups to hold up a plastic shield or wall in place above the tub. While this provides a barrier to keep the water where it belongs, it also remains very flexible so you can reach your hand in at any time. For children old enough to take a shower, there are also models that look like modified brackets to hold your shower curtain in place so the water doesn't splash around it. No matter what style you choose, a splash guard is a bathtub safety product that will not only make your bathroom safer, but in the process can also save your floor and your walls from water damage.



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