No Skid Mat

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What should I look for in a bath mat or no-skid rug?

No Skid Mat

Keep your children on their feet with a little help from a no-skid mat. This is a bathroom safety product that can work in the tub as well as outside the tub. Look for a waterproof version that attaches with adhesive or suction cups to use inside the tub. This bathtub safety must should be durable and be made of plastic, vinyl or another fabric that will resist dirt, mildew and peeling over time. Some tub mats offer are cushiony to add extra comfort for sitting down, but make sure they will also be safe to stand on. For stepping out of the tub, select a no-skid bath rug or mat that can absorb water and won't get moldy. Foam is a good material for tub-side mats, since it is very absorbent and dries quickly and doesn't grow fungus. This eliminates the need to wash it constantly. In addition to keeping your children safe, this bathroom safety product will also come in handy for the rest of the family as well.



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