How to Attach a Hearth Guard

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How can I attach a hearth guard?

How to Attach a Hearth Guard

If you have a brick or stone hearth around your fireplace, you may be worried about how you can attach a fireplace hearth guard to the area to protect your child from getting injured. Today, there are several options to cover the hearth guard as part of your fireplace safety efforts. You can select a hearth guard style that clamps on to your existing hearth, or you could opt for a design that sticks on using an adhesive. Some brands also make one that attaches by Velcro instead. For extra security, shop around for a hearthguard that allows you to purchase extra padding. In addition to hearth guards, fireplace surface protectors, bumpers and cushions all serve a similar function. The good thing about all of these products is that they are all easy to install and they won't harm your fireplace surface and can be removed when your children are older. If you don't plan to light your fire when your children are in the room and you just need to protect your child from getting hurt on the sharp edges of the fireplace, hearth guards can be a feasible alternative to using a fireplace hearth gate to keep your children safe.



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