Is Your Child's Crib Safe?

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What should I know about the safety of my baby's mattress?

Is Your Child's Crib Safe?

Something as basic as the crib your baby sleeps in can be considered a safety product, depending, of course, on how well it is designed. Newer models of cribs are usually a safe bet, as they adhere to U.S. safety guidelines. However, old cribs can be hazardous. Before you put your baby to sleep in an older-style crib, check to be sure it has a firm, tight-fitting mattress. There should be no loose, missing, or broken hardware or slats, with no more than 2 3/8" between the slats (about the width of a soda can) No corner posts should be over 1/16" high, and there should be no cutout designs in the headboard or footboard.



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